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Ninety 2023
Schemerlicht Festival, Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Goldrand No.1

Seventy Two 2023
Himmel unter Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

Goldrand No.1

Multiple of Three 2022
Blend Festival, Breda (The Netherlands)

Goldrand No.1

270 (black) 2022
Vorarlberg Museum, Bregenz (Austria)

Goldrand No.1

Houseplants 2021
DA Kunsthaus, Gravenhorst (Germany)

Multiple of Four

Multiple of Four 2021
DA Kunsthaus, Gravenhorst (Germany)

Paddling Pools

Paddling Pools 2021
DA Kunsthaus, Gravenhorst (Germany)

Eight Pairs

Eight Pairs 2021
KIKK Festival, Namur (Belgium)

Twenty Eight (red)

Twenty Eight (red) 2021
X Festival, Hasselt (Belgium)


Thirteen 2021
Lost Art Festival, Berlin (Germany)


216 (blue) 2021
Fondation d'entreprise Martell, Cognac (France)

Floating Rings

Floating Rings 2020
Schöneberg Museum, Berlin (Germany)

Pinwheels No. 2

Pinwheels No. 2 2020
Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar (The Netherlands)

Two Hundred and Sixteen

Two Hundred and Sixteen 2019
MK&G, Hamburg (Germany)

fig. 1

fig. 1 2019
en série, Le Tetris, Le Havre (France)

One Hundred and Forty Four

One Hundred and Forty Four 2019
MAK, Frankfurt (Germany)

Twenty Four

Twenty Four 2019
Eglise St-Nicolas, Caen (France)


Safra'Numeriques 2019
Le Safran, Amiens (France)

Two Hundred and Seventy

Two Hundred and Seventy 2018
MAK, Vienna (Austria)

Paddling Pools

Paddling Pools 2018
Les 3 Cha, Châteaugiron (France)

Multiple of Five

Multiple of Five 2018
Le Grand Cordel, Rennes (France)

Five Pairs

Five Pairs 2018
Luftmuseum, Amberg (Germany)

2010 2017

2010 2017 2017
Kulturmühle Perwenitz, Schönwalde-Glien (Germany)

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces 2017
Play!, Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto (USA)

32 × 6

32 × 6 2017
Musé d'art et d'histoiree, Saint-Brieuc (France)


Sixty 2017
MuCEM, Marseille (France)

Pyeong Chang Biennale

Pyeong Chang Biennale 2017
Gangneung (South Korea)

12 × 16

12 × 16 2016
KIKK Festival, Namur (Belgium)


Seventeen 2016
La Gaité Lyrique, Paris (France)

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces 2016
NOME Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

16 × 12

16 × 12 2016
Mirage Festival, Lyon (France)


twelve 2016
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (Taiwan)

One Hundred Fourteen

One Hundred Fourteen 2015
Tollwood Festival, Munich (Germany)


Seventeen 2015
Théâtre du Vieux Saint Etienne, Rennes (France)

Sixty Eight

Sixty Eight 2015
21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo (Japan)

16 × 12

16 × 12 2015


Nineteen 2015
M0Bi, Groningen (The Netherlands)


Seventeen 2014
Prix Cube, Paris (France)

Ninety Six

Ninety Six 2014
OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz (Austria)


Seventeen 2013
Kunstmuseum Celle, Celle (Germany)

1/2 Eighty Eight

1/2 Eighty Eight 2013
Accademia Albertina, Turin (Italy)

Thirty Three

Thirty Three 2013
Église du Vieux St-Sauveur, Caen (France)

Eighty Eight No.2

Eighty Eight No.2 2013
MUDAC, Lausanne (Switzerland)


Fountains 2012
Xixi Wetland Park, Hangzhou (China)

Twenty Eight

Twenty Eight 2012
Studio Hugo Opdal, Flø (Norway)

Eighty Eight

Eighty Eight 2012
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Winterthur (Switzerland)

Seventy Five

Seventy Five 2012
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei (Taiwan)

Forty Eight

Forty Eight 2011
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham (UK)

Thirty Six

Thirty Six 2011
Art Lab Gnesta, Gnesta (Sweden)


Captured 2011
MADE Space, Berlin (Germany)

One Hundred and Eight

One Hundred and Eight 2010